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Nurse Educator Guide to Develop Clinical Judgment

How to Bridge the Education-Practice Gap to Prepare Students for Practice, 2nd edition

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Are you struggling to prepare students for the complexities of clinical practice?

Graduates with entry-level clinical judgment continue to decline, because traditional teaching methods fail to align with the demands of nursing practice, resulting in adverse patient outcomes, including death. We must take action now!

The Nurse Educator Guide to Develop Clinical Judgment provides strategies for the radical transformation needed to develop clinical judgment and bridge the academic-practice gap and develop clinical judgment once and for all!

This online course identifies current challenges and provides best practices to transform teaching methodologies across classrooms, clinical settings, and virtual environments to prepare graduates for safe practice and improve patient outcomes.

Benefits of the course include:

  • Watch concise video summaries of each lesson.
  • Listen to convenient audio format for podcast-style learning.
  • Engage with visuals and curated web resources, enriching the learning experience.
  • Get a free KeithRN Clinical Reasoning Case Study & Clinical Judgment Rubric!
  • Earn 5.4 CE credits upon completion.
  • And more!

What You Will Learn

Part 1: Addressing Current Challenges in Nursing Education

Begins with an overview of the challenges confronting nurse educators and programs that must be addressed so students can transition to safe clinical practice. Provides educational best practices to teach and develop clinical judgment.

Part 2: Leveraging Clinical Reasoning Case Studies to Prepare Graduate Nurses

Presents the evidence to support unfolding case studies as a foundational active learning strategy to develop clinical judgment in nursing education so the thinking of clinical practice can be consistently practiced.

Part 3: Harnessing KeithRN Resources for Student Preparation

Provides practical solutions to better prepare students for practice using KeithRN’s innovative resources to transform how nursing is taught in classroom, clinical, and simulation settings.


This Guide is invaluable for new nurse educators and those seeking to bridge the practice-academia gap! Personally, I wish I had access to such a comprehensive tool when I started my journey as a nurse educator. It is an incredible blend of a conference experience and a nurse educator course – truly remarkable!

Tiffany Condren, PhD(c), MSN, RN, RNC, CHSEAssistant Professor of Nursing, Simulation Coordinator, William Jewell College

The Nurse Educator Guide is an excellent resource for academic nurse educators from novice to expert. KeithRN provides a step-by-step guide for faculty with an active approach to learning that is situated in clinical practice. It is absolutely critical that nurse educators bridge the gap between classroom and clinical learning to prepare practice-ready nurses, and KeithRN has developed the resources to assist faculty in this endeavor. I want all of my faculty to view this resource and use the tools in KeithRN to transform their teaching!

Dr. Nikole A. Hicks, PhD, RNC, CNENursing Division Chair, Northern Oklahoma College

KeithRN’s Nurse Educator Guide to Develop Clinical Judgment provides a fresh and unique approach to the challenges facing nurse educators focused on preparing nurse graduates for the realities of practice. In addition to discussing these challenges, this guide provides rich, relevant, and real case studies to support educators and students to develop clinical reasoning skills. Finally, this practical guide provides resources that can be used by educators, in both academic and practice settings, to use in the classroom, clinical lab and clinical settings to facilitate clinical judgment.

Janice J. Hoffman, PhD, RN, ANEF, Nursing Education ConsultantLead author Davis Advantage for Medical-Surgical Nursing: Making Connections to Practice, 3rd. ed.

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KeithRN published the original Faculty Guide to Develop Judgment three years ago to communicate best practices to teach and develop clinical judgment to prepare students for practice and NextGen NCLEX.

The 2nd edition builds on this foundation and has been extensively updated to emphasize the importance of bridging the ongoing academic-practice gap to improve practice readiness of graduate nurses.

About the KeithRN Hub

The new KeithRN Hub is a platform to provide students, new nurses, and nurse educators in academic and practice settings with innovative resources to practice clinical judgment skills to ensure safe entry into practice. The Nurse Educator Guide is the first resource available in the KeithRN Hub. Watch for more, coming soon!

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