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KeithRN Clinical Judgment Rubric

Nurse educators must create a curriculum that ensures students develop expected levels of clinical judgment to pass the NCLEX and provide safe patient care after graduation.

The KeithRN Clinical Judgment Rubric (KRN-CJR) is a powerful tool that quantitatively measures and assesses students’ clinical judgment skills.

As the creator of unfolding case studies that integrate Tanner’s Clinical Judgment Model, I recognized the need to create an innovative tool built on the solid foundation of the Lasater Clinical Judgment Rubric (LCJR) to measure clinical judgment.

The KeithRN Clinical Judgment Rubric is adapted from the LCJR, a valid and reliable tool that also integrates Tanner’s Clinical Judgment Model to assess clinical judgment with a high-fidelity simulation. The LCJR quantitatively measures the proficiency level of clinical reasoning skills needed to make clinical judgments.

Working closely with Dr. Kathie Lasater, I developed the KRN-CJR and have her permission to use it with KeithRN Clinical Reasoning Case Studies.

The KRN-CJR empowers educators to measure and track students’ clinical judgment development. By using the rubric as an ongoing assessment tool throughout the program, you can gain valuable insights into students’ progress over time.

Download the rubric, a scoring sheet, and a faculty guide to get started. This comprehensive package equips you with everything you need to implement the KRN-CJR immediately and effectively.

KeithRN is your ally to help students become proficient with clinical judgment for safe practice and to pass the NCLEX. Use KeithRN Clinical Reasoning Case Studies and the KRN-CJR to track and trend the development of students’ clinical judgment skills throughout the program.

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